Are You Trapped By Your Technology?

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • I can't get anything done because I have to keep managing
    • E-mail problems
    • Users, software, licenses
    • Bugs in my application
  • The software I use sucks but
    • I don't have time to research the other options
    • I don't even know what other options there are
  • There has got to be a way to do this process better and faster
  • The thing I need to make my business better doesn't exist
  • I don't understand the tech people I hired
  • "Dumpster fire" and/or "piece of #!@$" appropriately describe your feelings for your custom software

You Are Not Alone

Of all the hats that you have to wear running your business, technology is the biggest, ugliest, and most unruly of all the hats. Inside this hat is a veritable black hole of nonsense that is constantly on fire and always taking your time and money.

Get Help

1-on-1 Technology Coaching

There’s a lot of technology out there. But do you need it or is it just another tech rabbit hole? I can help you find the right-fit products that can help your business move faster, quicker, and more effectively. I play the long game with your business to take care of the deep-down technical nitty-gritty and give you actionable, specific advice. Coaching ranges from $500/month to $10,000/quarter.

Custom Software

You’ve got an idea that will help make your business run faster, smoother, and more profitably. Maybe it’s brand new software or maybe it’s something that needs to be bolted on to what you’ve already got. I can help you cut through the technological mumbo-jumbo to create the software that will move your business forward. Custom engagements typically start around $20,000 and last 3 months or longer.

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