Client Profile: Building Families, Inc.

The Client

Building Families, Inc. is an agency that specializes in matching couples experiencing infertility issues with a gestational surrogate mother to assist them in creating the family of their dreams. Building Families, Inc. provides a comprehensive program with unparalleled personal attention to each case.

Surrogacy Management System

In the early days, Building Families mailed large questionnaire and information packets to prospective Intended Parents and Surrogate Mothers to complete. All documents were completed by hand and mailed back. These files were then filed in large metal filing cabinets at the Building Families office. Copies of the packets were mailed out prior to each match. Suffice it to say, the system was time consuming and expensive.

Building Families strove to have a paperless system. Through several iterations of strategy meetings and planning, we collaborated to build a custom Surrogacy Management System that meets the majority of their needs. This custom application allows Building Families to track Intended Parents (IP) and Surrogate Mothers (SM) from their first contact and through the entire surrogacy cycle. IP and SM documentation is completed online and linked throughout the system. I continue to work closely with Building Families to fine-tune the surrogacy management system as their needs continue to evolve.

Strategic Technology Planning

Technology changes fast. As Building Families has moved from home office, to business office, to virtual office and beyond, I’ve been there to advise on technology and related issues. Custom software (such as their surrogacy management system), advising on software services that increase their productivity, and global compliance concerns like the GDPR that affect how they handle their data are all topics that require strategic planning.

Agency Website

Way back in the 1999, Building Families had a really simple website. It had stories and information, and was maintained part-time by one of the wonderful surrogate mothers who had been a part of the program. It worked well enough, but needed some additional care and updates that the existing maintainer was unable to provide.

In 2000, Carol, the owner and Program Director of Building Families, asked me redesign the website. Carol wanted her website to be:

  • Easy to use for anyone viewing her site around the world
  • Beautiful and consistent in its look and feel
  • A repository for all the wonderful surrogacy stories of the past and of those to come
  • Easy and quick for her or her staff to update

Since then, a lot has changed, including 2 or 3 major overhauls… and it continues to grow and evolve!

In its current form, the Building Families website has a responsive design to ensure that it displays beautifully for desktop and mobile screens of any size. The site is localized for English and Spanish clients. It also has a custom built integration to ensure that leads captured from the website are automatically and instantly available in the surrogacy management system .

Visit the Building Families, Inc. Website.