Client Profile: Creative Conception, Inc.

The Client

Creative Conception, Inc. is a liaison service for couples who desire the assistance of egg donation and surrogacy. Creative Conception, Inc. offers individual, personal, and professional services with proven success in helping couples realize their dreams of having a family.

Egg Donor Database and Management System

In 2010, Creative Conception, Inc. (CCI) approached me to help them with their egg donor database. Their egg donor database had been through several developers and the code had some deep-set and problematic architectural issues. I recommended a re-implementation to resolve the architectural issues and to ensure future growth.

We started with a breakdown of the existing egg donor database to determine its current functionality and identify issues. We then cut away unwanted functionality to come up with an outline of minimum replicated functionality. CCI was involved during each step of the re-implementation. Data was transitioned, and much testing was done.

Today, CCI’s egg donor database is much easier to enhance (which it has been over the years). It also supports a robust questionnaire system and provides several easy-to-create reports that CCI uses to quickly identify and move prospective egg donors into the program an share information with respective clients. The management interface has been updated to provide clear indications of an egg donor’s status in their pipeline.

Agency Website

At the end of 2015, Creative Conception, Inc. engaged Menor Technical Services to update their website. Built on the WordPress platform, it provides a beautiful responsive design to ensure that it displays beautifully for desktop and mobile screens of any size. Their website meets all of their needs:

  • A friendlier, easier to navigate site
  • Custom photography and graphics
  • Mobile ready website
  • Add Facebook lead integration
  • Ability to start blogging

Strategic Technology Planning and Management

Creative Conception, Inc. is a liaison service for egg donation and surrogacy,  not a technology company. They use their technology but don’t want to manage it — it should just work. I keep an eye on things and make sure that things are working so they don’t have to.

Visit the Creative Conception, Inc website.