Egg Donor Agency Software

I build custom software for egg donor agencies. Your agency is unique and so are its requirements. New development, integrations, and existing code-base tweaks – I’ll help build what your business needs.

Domain and Website Recovery

Reclaim the Keys to Your Kingdom

You own your own domain (, but no one knows how to get to it or change it. You can't change your website. You can't change your e-mail provider. You. Are. Stuck.

  • The company that made your website no longer exists
  • The e-mail that had the information is long gone
  • An employee or contractor set it up and they don't remember how they did it or you can no longer contact that person
  • It's being held hostage by another company due

I'll track down the information and get your domain back under your control. If I can't do it, I'll give you your money back. Guaranteed.

What this service does not cover:

  • Repurchase price of expired domain from new owner. If your domain expired and was purchased by another party and they are willing to sell it back, you are responsible for that payment.
  • Lawyer fees. Most recoveries won't require legal intervention. In the case that legal intervention is required, you are responsible for any fees.
  • Existing unpaid balances. Existing unpaid fees or balances for your domain are your responsibility.


Domain and Website Recovery Service — $1200

1-on-1 Technology Coaching

There’s a lot of technology out there. But do you need it or is it just another tech rabbit hole? I can help you find the right-fit products that can help your business move faster, quicker, and more effectively. I play the long game with your business to take care of the deep-down technical nitty-gritty and give you actionable, specific advice. Coaching ranges from $500/month to $10,000/quarter.


In the past 20 years, I’ve partnered with surrogacy and egg donor agencies to build and grow their business by building custom software. With my wife, I’ve experienced IVF, egg retrieval, and surrogacy from within the program and as a business partner to agencies. I’m excited to help you build your agency’s next big thing!

Globally Ready Applications

I build egg donor and surrogacy software applications that are globally ready and available. I can work with your language experts to ensure that the application is localized to the languages you need. Your intended parents can reach your donor database or surrogacy management portal anytime, in any country.

Any Technology

I specialize and deliver enterprise applications built with Microsoft technologies. Since not every application is built on Microsoft technologies, I’ll partner with you to get you where you want to be.

Custom Software

You’ve got an idea that will help make your business run faster, smoother, and more profitably. Maybe it’s brand new software or maybe it’s something that needs to be bolted on to what you’ve already got. I can help you cut through the technological mumbo-jumbo to create the software that will move your business forward. Custom engagements typically start around $20,000 and last 3 months or longer.