Domain and Website Recovery

Reclaim the Keys to Your Kingdom

You own your own domain (, but no one knows how to get to it or change it. You can't change your website. You can't change your e-mail provider. You. Are. Stuck.

  • The company that made your website no longer exists
  • The e-mail that had the information is long gone
  • An employee or contractor set it up and they don't remember how they did it or you can no longer contact that person
  • It's being held hostage by another company due

I'll track down the information and get your domain back under your control. If I can't do it, I'll give you your money back. Guaranteed.

What this service does not cover:

  • Repurchase price of expired domain from new owner. If your domain expired and was purchased by another party and they are willing to sell it back, you are responsible for that payment.
  • Lawyer fees. Most recoveries won't require legal intervention. In the case that legal intervention is required, you are responsible for any fees.
  • Existing unpaid balances. Existing unpaid fees or balances for your domain are your responsibility.


Domain and Website Recovery Service — $1200